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Background Information

After graduating Duke Law School, author Michael Wald employed management techniques learned from earlier studies at the Wharton School of Finance to grow a highly successful business law practice in which he guided thousands of clients. With a helping attitude, he assisted many entrepreneurs run their businesses and advised many non-profits on whose boards he served. Knowing Peace Corps was another way to help, at age 55 he sought to join as a volunteer.

Drawing on the author’s years of extensive business consulting experience, Wald exposes numerous management problems that plagued Peace Corps, the first of which was an inept and laborious recruitment process which he painstakingly documents. Attempting to remedy problems he encountered which encumbered the organization's development goals, his efforts were met by disinterest in the Peace Corps. In spite of many obstacles, Wald nevertheless achieved a high-level impact.

Take the intriguing adventure of man versus nature which Wald recounts, and you won’t want to put this book down. Explore exciting destinations with him. If you ever considered living, working, or volunteering in the developing world, this book prepares you with the truth about what to expect. Wald offers formidable recommendations for policymakers to improve results in development work.

While in the Peace Corps, Wald kept a diary. Afterwards, as friends learned about his experience, they encouraged him to write this book. Former Peace Corps volunteers related similar tales about things that occurred to them, so Wald knows his story broadly applies. With the existence of his diary, Wald was able to re-tell details of events that would otherwise have long faded into lost memory. Taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic’s isolation, he re-created an exceptionally engaging adventure.



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